Winding Stair Mountain Homestead - Near National Forest

38625 East Robin Lane, Wister, Oklahoma, 74966



MLS: 35018-10060

15.8 Acres

1,921 SqFt

4 beds

2.0 baths

What You Should Know

  • Homestead Property

  • Off-Grid Homestead

  • Greenhouse

  • Solar System

  • Rain Water Collection System

  • Walk-in Cooler

  • Remote & Secluded Settin

  • Near National Forest Area

Why You'll Love It

Winding Stair Mountain Homestead - Near National Forest

Location:  This is a very unique property that is located on the Western edge of the Ouachita National Forest in a beautiful valley setting on the northern slopes of the Winding Stair Mountain Range.  The property is 1.5 miles west of the 1.5 million acre Ouachita National Forest Area, which provides excellent hunting opportunities for whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey, black bear, wild hog and other small game as well as access to an impressive network of ATV, hiking and horseback riding trails that are operated and maintained by the US Forest Service.  This property is located 3 miles from the West entrance to the Talihina Scenic Drive, which is a National Scenic By-way in south-eastern Oklahoma and extreme western Arkansas spanning a 54 mile stretch of road traveling down the top of several mountain ranges.  Near-by towns include Talihina, Hochatown, Broken Bow and Poteau.  This property is about a 3.5 hour drive from Dallas, Texas. 

Physical Address:  38625 East Robin Lane; Wister, Oklahoma 74966

Deed Restrictions:  None

Services to Property:  This homestead has the following systems in place.


  • Solar Panel & Battery System:  The solar system consists of an array of 50 solar panels (310 Watts each) and 30+ KWH of Lithium battery storage.  The solar panels are south facing and installed on a 30-degree angle for optimum solar efficiency.
  • Grid Electric Power:  The home, office and greenhouse are also connected to the local electrical grid system.  There is below grade primary wire from East Robin Lane to the home.  NOTE:  There is an EMP shield (also rated for lightning, solar flare and power surge protection) on the house breaker and solar system.
  • Back-up Generator Connection:  There is a 50 amp rated generator hook-up for emergency power.


  • Rain Water Collection System:  There is a full rain gutter system on the home with 7,500 gallons of water storage tied directly into the house, with additional tanks totalling 20,750 gallons for more storage.  Over the course of 5 years, with a family of 5 the homesteaders have never run out of water living off just the rainwater captured from the buildings on-site.  NOTE:  This area of Oklahoma receives 48 inches of yearly rainfall on average, which makes rain water collection systems very practical.
  • (2) Drilled Water Wells:  There are two (2) 300 ft deep drilled water wells on the property.  One of the wells has been hooked up for a back-up water supply.
  • Pond:  There is a pond on the property that is roughly 60 feet wide x 110 feet long with an average depth of 8 feet.  The pond is capable of containing 350,000 gallons of water.  Additionally, the pond is stocked with fish.

Propane Gas:  There is a 1,000-gallon propane storage tank on the property that is plumbed into the house.  Propane gas is used for the kitchen stove, central HVAC system, on-demand hot water heater and plumbed to the clothes drier.   Also gas is plumbed to the back porch for a gas grill.

Wood Fireplace:  The home has a positive pressure Xtrordinair fireplace.

Aerobic Septic System:  The home has an Aerobic Septic System.

Elevated Fuel Tanks:  There is a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank and a 250 gallon gasoline fuel tank. Each tank has an elevated stand for gravity filling of equipment.

Walk-in Cooler:  There is an 8 ft x 10 ft Cool-Bot controlled walk-in cooler with custom welded shelving and a pass through I-Beam with trolley and concrete flooring with built in drain system.  This system is used to butcher and process livestock that are raised on the homestead.

Property Access:  The property is accessed by an all-weather county-maintained dirt road.  There is an entrance gate off the county road with automatic gate opener and a private gravel drive leading to the homestead.  NOTE:  The property is located at the end of the county road and is the only residence on East Robin Lane.  

Land:  There are 15.8 acres of land surrounding the homestead.  The property perimeter is fenced with livestock wiring.  Additionally, there is good cross fencing on the property for rotational grazing of livestock.  There is a nice 60 ft x 110 ft pond with average depth of 8 ft which provides a year round source of water for the livestock.  Additionally, there is a fenced in orchard area with a 2,500 gallon water storage tank, various apple and pear trees, elderberry plants and berries.  Also, there are 150 ft of Muscadine, Concord and Red Grape vines.  There is a fenced in garden area with 5,000 gallons of water storage.

Home:  There is a nice custom built home that was constructed in 2018 containing 1921 Ft2 of heated and cooled living space with 4 bedroom, office, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room and utility room.  The home has 2 x 6 exterior stud walls and 9 ft ceilings.  The home exterior walls and attic space has spray foam insulation.  There is a triple zoned gas central heat and air system and a positive pressure Xtrordinair fireplace.  The home has vinyl plank flooring throughout.  There are 7.5 ft x 60 ft covered front and back porches with steel posts and sawmill cut 8 x 8 beams and 3 x 8 trusses.  Additionally, there is a 25 ft x 30 ft attached carport.

Greenhouse:  There is a well-constructed 25 feet x 24 feet metal framed Greenhouse as described below:

  • 4- 4'x4'6" grow beds with PH neutral expanded shale, 1 of the beds is set up as a wicking bed to allow for traditional soil planting.

  • 4- 250gallon water tanks allowing for separation of age or species. Currently holding approximately 3 doz bluegill, 1 doz mature tilapia, and 3 doz goldfish to provide nutrients to the plants.

  • Gravity fed water supply to the grow beds reduces energy usage.

  • Sump pump with float switch to resupply tanks with water

  • Concrete floor with center aisle drain going directly to sumo pump

  • Wood stove for heat

  • 4 oscillating fans for even circulation an additional fan above the wood-stove

  • Commercial grade aerator pump to provide to each tank

  • 4'x3' thermostat controlled germination table

  • Gravity supplied water hydrant inside greenhouse to allow for resupply of water directly from rain 3,000 gallon catchment tank attached to greenhouse & solar shed.

  • Waterproof 2 stage thermostat controlled with 30° to 110° F degree temperature range operating 2- 24" motor driven aluminium air intake louvers (located on the bottom of the north facing side of the greenhouse, drawing air from under the solar structure) & 2- 20" exhaust fans (1 on east peak and 1 on west peak) capable of 6,280 cfm.

  • 2 full runs of led lighting allow for plenty of light to play after dark during the winter days.

  • Suspended interior, full-sized white shade cloth to block out some of the intense summer heat.

  • The wood-stove and cosiness allows for a place to enjoy those dreary winter days and still be in the sunshine. You can sit by the fire, listen to the running water and get lost in thought at the end of a day quite nicely. Picking tomatoes in January is quite the neat feeling all in itself.



  • One 40 ft high cube shipping container
  • Two 20 ft shipping containers
  • Greenhouse – 25 ft x 24 ft – 3,000 gallon water storage tied to guttering system.
  • Office Building – 12 ft x 24 ft – spray foam insulated, air conditioned, electrical and plumbed for propane heat with 2,500 gallon water storage tank tied to guttering system.
  • Wellhouse/run in Shed:  18 ft x 20 ft with 1 walk through door and open end.  Houses the 5 ft x 5 ft insulated well house and primary 2,500 gallon water storage tank.
  • Walk-in Cooler – 8 ft x 10 ft – Cool-Bot controlled with custom weld shelving and pass through I-Beam with trolley, concrete flooring with built-in drains.
  • Storm Cellar:  4 ft x 6 ft – metal and partially buried.
  • Solar Shed:  24 ft x 30 ft – holds the (50) 310 watt solar panels.  Loft storage.  Rain guttering system is tied into the same 3,000 gallon storage tank as the greenhouse system.

Agent’s Comments:  This is a very well thought out and designed alternative energy homestead located in the beautiful mountains of southeastern Oklahoma.  The current owners have poured a ton of work into this homestead property and it is completely set up for the new owners to start enjoying from day one of ownership.  Don’t miss this chance to embrace the off-grid homestead lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of and experience the benefits of self-sufficiency, privacy, financial freedom, adventure, a healthier lifestyle and creative freedom.  Escape the ordinary and discover the extraordinary in off-grid living!!

Property Taxes:  $1,907 paid in 2022.

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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: 38625 East Robin Lane
  • City: Wister
  • State: Oklahoma
  • County: Le Flore


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Broker Associate